Dr. Carol Goodheart


This site was developed to acquaint you with my background, practice, and professional activities. Psychology offers a model for the true integration of health care, by taking into account the physical, psychological, social, and cultural aspects of people's lives, and thereby providing services suited to individual needs. I invite you to explore the site and encourage you to contact me for further information.

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New book “A Primer for ICD-10-CM Users:
Psychological and Behavioral Conditions”

Evidence Based Psychotherapy

The Evidence for Psychotherapy:
Where Practice and Research Meet

The evidence-based practice movement has powerful ramifications for the future of psychotherapy. As it spreads throughout healthcare, with its associated demands for demonstrable results, cost monitoring, and accountability, mental health professionals debate approaches to treatment and how to weight the factors that contribute to good outcomes. The book offers distinctive perspectives by practitioners, researchers, educators, and public policy advocates. It seeks common ground and reveals legitimate differences, unanswered questions, and promising avenues for improving psychotherapy.

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